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Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening technology has advanced significantly over the years. It is now a simple and safe option to dramatically improve your smile. You can have brighter and whiter teeth in less than an hour. Advances have helped make teeth whitening a painless and cost effective process to give you an immediate improvement to your smile.

People can have genetic variations with their teeth colour. Over time there are many factors that can contribute to discolouration and staining of teeth. These include all the good things in life such as red wine, coffee and tea. In addition there are many other foods and drinks we consume regularly that have colour added to them. This all builds in the top layer of your teeth causing a gradual discolouration.

The good news is, your teeth can successfully be whitened to a natural and whiter colour through inexpensive and effective whitening treatments. The process is very gentle and safe and has been used successfully for over 30 years.


There are two main ways we can help you to whiten your teeth. We will discuss the best option for you in your consultation.



In chair whitening 

Laser whitening has become a fast and easy way to whiten your teeth. Relax with some Netflix whilst we remove all the stains on your teeth in less than an hour.

We have the latest technology from Phillips Zoom laser whitening. Blue LED light-accelerated technology and gel whiten rapidly while Amorphous Calcium Phosphate (ACP) helps deliver enamel protection. This helps improve lustre and reduce sensitivity.

Whether you have a special occasion or simply want to reduce discolouration and stains, Phillips Zoom gives you professional results with very little sensitivity.

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Take Home Whitening 

In order to be able to whiten your teeth at home, we make you Custom made trays that fit your teeth precisely. Depending on many factors, the exact whitening gel with the desired concentration is selected for you. Specific instructions are given to ensure you apply the gel in a safe and effective way.

Depending on your lifestyle factors, you can either whiten your teeth during the day or at night time.

We then see you for several appointments to ensure the process is tracking well and that you arrive at your desired result.


This is a simple and very safe method to whiten your teeth. It is also the most economical way.


Frequently Asked Questions 

How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last? 

Our whitening treatments are formulated to give you long lasting results, however the results will vary based on your lifestyle factors. Depending on the number of beverages a day you consume that cause stains on your teeth, you may need to touch up your whitening every few years.

Does It Hurt?

Incorrect technique and the wrong product choice can lead to tooth sensitivity during and after whitening. This is why we take the time to ensure your treatment does not cause any sensitivity or pain by using the right products and the correct technique to whiten your teeth. We only use and recommend professional whitening systems for this reason.

Are Take Home Whitening kits As Effective As In- Office Teeth Whitening?

The end result of both systems is similar. The main difference is the take home system can take up to 2 weeks to achieve the full result, while in- office teeth whitening will achieve immediate results after your 1 hour visit with us.

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